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Birthdate:Aug 7

Hi I'm Citri!

This is a picture of me:
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This is a picture of how my brain works:
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This is a picture of how I usually communicate:
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welp that's pretty much me in a nutshell
~friend accordingly~

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80's one hit wonders, 90's nostalgia, ;lakf;lkasf;llkjasf, a clockwork orange, abusing livejournal tags, accordion solos, air, american psycho, angel hair pasta, anne of green gables, apple hill, art, asoiaf, being rill, blingee, bobble wobble heads, bread puns, breaking bad, buy the grapes, capslock, cats, chewing on ice cubes, chocolate and salt, classical music, courtney stodden, creativity, crossing the line, dark knight party posts, dem vests, diablo, diablo 2, diego benaglio, dinosaurs, discontinued crayolas, dom howard's fabulous pants, dominic howard, dont forget the mayo, drunk apples to apples, drunk drinking, drunk watchalongs, eagles of death metal, ffa, fischerspooner, five dollar footlong, five gold dragon footlong, flowers in the attic, football, frank j. lapenis, game of thrones, getting reservations at dorsia, gin and tonics, good eggs, goofy pls, grapefruit zazz, guild wars, guild wars 2, haikus, halloween, ham puns, ham versus ranch dressing, hamazing, handjobs are still jobs, hard apple cider, heathus christ, hoe mah gawr, jazz, john lithgow's tartar sauce, john locke, johnny cash, jon snow, keamy hungry, keysmashing, kindness, king pimp littlefinger, lake tahoe, liking bon jovi, little house, los pollos hermanos, lost, lost odyssey, lt. dangle's short shorts, mad men, making out, martin christopher keamy, matt bellamy, medieval history, movies about space, ms paint, mursaat, muse, music, my man j.s bach, nail polish, neutron star collision stanning, nibbler of the north, nicolas cage, nintendo, north and south, nutter butters on blankets, oldies, opi, patrick swayze, peenluvrs4ever, philosophy, poppin' mah puci, prince rurik, pterodactyl porn, randall flagg, really bad horror movies, really bad porn parodies, returning videotapes, saint iker casillas, sandy bruty, scientific research, senor bale, sex, sex for cheeseburgers, sherlock, shhh just come, sir jdm, slobbin' on knobs, spiritual facials, spontaneity, stanley kubrick, stormy weather, t-rexin', t-sexin', taco bale, the hives, the phantom tollbooth, the sims, the sims 2, the stand, the tudors, triceratops dan, trolling, trolly fanfic, tudor history, tyrannosaurus rex, ur belldom is showing, video games, vuvuzelas, waffles delicious waffles, waiting for the ~cream, wikipedia's personal appeals, wot hoppon, writing, xabi alonso, zebra print shoes, ¯\(º_o)/¯
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